coinage (uncountable and countable; plural: coinages)

  1. Related to coins.
  2. A coined word.

7 letters in word "coinage": A C E G I N O.

No anagrams for coinage found in this word list.

Words found within coinage:

ace acing acne ae aeon aeonic ag age agen agin agio ago agon agone agonic ai ain aine an ance ane angico ani cage cain can cane cang canoe ciao cig cine cion cog cogie coign coigne coin con cone conga conge coni conia ea ean eco ego en eng eniac eoan eon gae gaen gain gan gane gean gen gena genic genoa geo gi gie gien gin gio go goa goe gon gone gonia ice icon in incage incog ingo io ion na nae nag naoi ne neg ngaio nice nie no nog oca ocean oe oi on once one